The followings are the conditions for access to the service:

  • Subscription to KiteBus Amateur Sport Club
  • VDWS, FIV, IKO or equal licenses which guarantee the level of teaching. In case of no license, our instructors can provide you post-evaluations (for more information contact us)
  • A valid insurance cover for himself and from third parties for the current year
  • A valid medical certificate for sport for the current year

The preconditions for accessing the service are:

  • Ability to navigate headwind keeping toe-side so that you are always nearby the service boat.
  • Knowledge about kite water relaunch.
  • Knowledge of the KiteBus Regulation, which you have to fully respect

OUR SERVICE INCLUDES: not only the transport to the agreed-upon body of water for sailing, but also the kite launch and the member and his equipment recovery.

ATTENTION: Our Lift Service does not include any kind of teaching or personal assistance, preparation of the equipment on dry land and kite water relaunch.


  1. 1. The Lift Service is done twice a day, depending on weather conditions. The morning meeting is set at 7:30 am and the departure is at 8 am; the afternoon meeting is from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm. Each member has to have the equipment ready to use, and prepared as follows when boarding.
  2. 2. Each member is responsible for his own equipment, which has to be prepared in good time before the lift departure. Should there be evidence of a problem due to a negligence of the kiter (front-line and back-line tangled, damaged equipment, etc.), which means that it will not be possible to fly the kite, the Lift service will be in any case considered done.


How to set up the kite:

  • Check the proper functioning of the security system
  • Unroll the lines, connect your kite lines and check again that they are not crossed
  • Wrap up the kite lines around the bar and secure them so that they are tense and they cannot untie
  • Roll the kite from the two extremities to the center
  • Insert the previously prepared bar into the center of the kite
  • Use the kite leash to tie it so that it will not unroll

NB: Our school will help you for a correct setting up of the kite on your first tryout

  1. The use of life jacket marked CE (minimum 50) is mandatory. Board leashes are not an covered!!!
  2. Each kiter has to have a mobile phone in a watertight for contingent problems or emergencies.
  3. Weather conditions and wind speed will determine the timings of trips and the possibility of carrying out the service
  4. Kiters have to comply with the rules in force for the Italian Navigation Code and local requirements.
  5. The Lift Service is considered done once the kiter decides to get down to the water considering weather conditions and his abilities.
  6. The sailing have to be done in a body of water, which has to be agreed with our school before the trip.
  7. If necessary, Lift Service managers reserve the right to recover members in advance for safety reasons or non-fulfilment of the regulation. This will be a final decision and shall not entitle to any service refund.
  8. 8. Members are directly responsible for the school equipment they are using. They have to immediately report any damage or malfunction to Lift Service managers while they are setting up the equipment. Equipment have to be returned dry and in order as at the time of delivery.